Insect food products

Added value for your everyday life

100% delicious

No compromise on taste - the richness of Belgian chocolate and light sweetness of Nordic berries and high-quality nuts.

High in protein

Our luxury chocolate bites are loaded with protein, and low in sugar.

Made from insects

Nutritious whole dried insect powder containing protein, iron, calcium, omega-6, B vitamin, and a lot more.

Photo of Carlos' Bugs chocolate bites

High-quality dark and light chocolate, dried berries, nuts, pea protein, and whole dried insect powder for added value.

Chocolate bites with insect powder

Dark plum

70% bitter chocolate and the creamy, sweet plum duo is the fantastic never-ending classic.

Light berry

Sweet white chocolate and light savory Nordic berry mix for dessert lovers.

Dark nut

70% dark chocolate and high quality roasted nuts.

Exclusive packaging

We offer a wide range of luxury gift boxes filled with Carlos'Bugs chocolate bites with insect powder. A customized business gift that is never ever seen before will definitely surprise your partner.